Help on help-functions

You might have noticed the 'help' section in the app's preferences. These aren't really self-explanatory, that's why I explain them here.

Note that they only work on a 6x6 game of Trisentis.


If you haven't read about the solve-algorithm you should read it now. As mentioned in the solve-algorithm part you have the choice between solving 6x6 or create any pattern you want on 6x6. The help function can help you with both.

The output of the help is described below:

Visual help

The fields which you need to change will be displayed in the word 'Clicks' on top of the screen. Fields that you need to click will be brighter than those you don't need to click.

Haptic feedback

When you click the fields in the first row the smart-phone will vibrate when you click a wrong field.