What is Trisentis

Trisentis is kind of a thinking game. You have a square divided into n x n small squares, on the back of these squares is an image. By choosing one square you flip all it's neighbours and unveil their background image. But like a switch you can flip them again hiding their background image. The goal is to unveil the whole image.

What are the rules

The rules are quite easy. You can select any square you want, click it and all it's neighbours will flip.

What is the goal

The goal is to flip all squares so that you unveil the background image. You will see there is more than one solution to achieve this (except for 6x6).

Why is the field in the center already revealed in 5x5 and 7x7

Because otherwise it wouldn't be solvable.

What is the story behind Trisentis

Trisentis is a variation of Disentis, which both were invented by Prof. Dr. A. Clausing on his holidays with his family to keep his son busy during a snow-break. For more information you can visit his webpage.

Why can't I see the game on this page

Either your browser doesn't support canvas drawing or javascript is turned off. Updating your browser or turning on javascript should help.

What about...

If you have further questions about the app or Trisentis in general feel free to send me an email: malte at trisentis dot de.